While I started this blog a long time ago to share some of the technical aspects I was discovering about photography, in the last few years, it served mostly as a notebook featuring advice about science-related software.

(A copy and paste of my profile text on Flickr)

Buying in 2007 an old model compact FinePix E900 camera with RAW capabilities rekindled my interest in photography and helped in deciding the acquisition of the cheapest dSLR at that time, the 6 Mpixel Nikon D40. Flickr was, and still remains, a way to share photos with the family.

At the beginning I joined, as many others, some post 1 score x groups to see what people think about the images I was uploading. Little by little I slowed down the daily number of posts and joined smaller groups of people with interests or cameras similar to mines.

I use almost exclusively old manual focusing lenses on the Nikon D40 camera. The settings are done manually and while it might take a little longer to take a picture, it also involves more the photographer in the process. If a picture is out of focus or badly underexposed, there is only one person to blame. The Nikon D40 is a fantastic camera. The only upgrade I can see in some distant future would be to a full frame camera.

Two years after starting digital photography I became attracted to film photography with old cameras. Among my favorites are an Olympus XA compact rangefinder, a Minolta SRT303 with its 50mm f/1.7 SLR, a Ricohmatic 225 6×6 TLR medium format camera, a Nikkormat FT2 and a Canon EF.

The atraction to film photography comes from two things:

– it’s a lot of fun to use old gear

– dynamic range is better (sunny images are nicer than on digital)

Last, but not least, cleaning and adjusting old mechanical cameras is a very pleasant occupation.
Edit: I will also add some programming tips, mostly for R and Python and mostly to remember how to do some tasks. Python is my language of choice for general programming while R is extremely useful for data analysis. I tried other programming languages and, by writing small working programs, I have a shallow idea about Haskell, Ocaml, Perl, JavaScript, Icon and, many years ago, Pascal, C and AppleScript.


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  1. My story is similar, although I got pulled back into photography to the digital end due to the birth of children and the need to chronicle our growth as a family. I started out with a CoolPix 8800 due to wanting to simplify after many years of lugging Pentax film bodies and 12 lenses around. Turned out that I didn’t care for compact digitals and moved on to a D70. Ultimately I’ve ended up with many cameras with a D300 as my main instrument and a D40 like you as my compact system (after trying out the m4/3rds for that).

    I also love old cameras and especially old 35mm compact rangefinders. I recently acquired a famed Minolta Hi-Matic 7s II, at a flea market, which has gone to live with one of my students who I’m training. I will have to say that the Olympus XA is also one of my favorites.

    I also used to work in IT, although I’ve gone back to teaching full-time, but still do consulting and service work on the side. My area of expertise though is in hardware.

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy your site quite a lot and thank you for the time you’ve put into it.


    • Thank you for the nice story about photography “machines” you used and still use. There seems to be a consensus about the right tools for a given type of need. Your students can also benefit from this extra-curricular knowledge.

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