Touchpad not working after suspend on Ubuntu – grub solution

An annoying thing – my touchpad did not wake up after suspend when installing the newest Ubuntu version (currently 13.10). I had the same problem with 13.04 and probably 12.10, but I had forgotten what the solution was. To avoid some further search next time, the solutions mentioned in works on my Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si1520:

jmkhenka (jmkhenka) wrote on 2010-04-25: #103

Found a permanent solution!

Edit /etc/default/grub
and change the line
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash atkbd.reset”

and run update-grub, reboot and when you press E in grub you will se the entry there.

UPDATE: Still the same problem has the same solution with the newest Ubuntu (14.04 LTS). Don’t forget the `sudo update-grub` command, otherwise the change is not effective.

UPDATE 2 (April 2018): Oh, the irony – I spent hours to find how to solve this problem, even if I had previously wrote a blog post about the same situation years ago (same laptop, Ubuntu 17.10).


Dear Amazon, use a web interface for mp3 download, please!

It was all worth the cost. I bought yesterday, for the first time, music from Amazon. Everything went smoothly as long as you use the “Cloud Player”, that is you don’t have any local access to the bought product. Once you want to download the files – iiiiiiik, you must be on Windows or Mac and download yet another piece of junk software that will allow you to connect to the “service” server and get your mp3s.

It would be lovely if Amazon’s information about this thing would be much more obvious on the ordering page. As it is, I find the process that involves downloading another application to get some files over the network overly complicated and I will use alternative ways to download music (some of what I like is on Ubuntu One, but their library is clearly small).