DigiKam – the annoying problem with tooltip colors

Digikam, the great piece of software that I’m using to keep and organize (a little) the collection of digital picture files, has a small but annoying bug, especially to be seen when used in a Gnome/Unity/Xfce environment. The tooltips that show the properties of files or other useful information have colors that are without any contrast and do not allow to read the text:


I fiddled with all the settings people had talked about on the net and finally found a solution, not obvious but working. I changed the style of the “widgets” in Settings>Configure digiKam, under the Miscellaneous category to Cleanlooks instead of GTK+:

configuredigikam_widgetsThere is no need for a restart. The change is immediate and for the better:


Now I can use digiKam to its fullest potential!