R – using functions as parameters of other functions

The beauty of R, the programming language and environment, lays in its flexibility. Using functions as arguments of other functions is nothing new, but I did not know exactly how to do it in R. One way was mentioned in a discussion, found with Google search. Since it worked well, I’m giving here an example.

Let’s say you want to count how many values from a vector are larger or smaller than a threshold – and do this while varying the threshold values. You could imagine having two different functions ‘count_larger’ and ‘count_smaller’ but why not use the comparison function as a parameter ?

count_x<-function(data_vector, comp_function, threshold){
   comp_f <- match.fun(comp_function)
   return(length(which(comp_f(data_vector, threshold))))

> data <- seq(1, 100, by=2)
> count_x(data, "<", 10)
[1] 5
> count_x(data, ">", 10)
[1] 45
> count_x(data, "!=", 10)
[1] 50
> count_x(data, "==", 10)
[1] 0

Using match.fun is pretty flexible. Maybe there are other ways to do the same thing, any comment is appreciated.

Edit: to format the code, I used the javascript tool on the format my source code page.