Ricoh R50 point and shoot camera, first impressions

Well, one day after finally receiving the R50, I have mixed feelings about it. I wanted a compact and simple camera that my parents could use, and the Ricoh R50 is almost that. When compared with the other compact camera that we have, the Fujifilm Finepix E900, there is a size difference that is impressive. A few pictures of the two cameras:

Front of cameras (on)

Large screen on Ricoh R50

Telezoom position for the R50.

thin R50

I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures – they were all taken in conditions highly unsuitable for the purpose (low light, thin depth of field, high ISO) but they are good enough to give an idea about the size and aspect of the camera. For better pictures, the Ricoh R50 page is a good place to start.

As said in the title of this post – a few first impression:

Image quality is not great and the fact that the lens starts at f/3.5makes the Ricoh R50 quite unsuitable for dark indoors pictures (will have problems both with setting the right white balance and to focus.

Build quality is good although the door for closing the battery + SD-card compartment looks very fragile.

LCD screen is OK (it has good resolution at 230 000 pixels and is large enough)

If and when I have some more time I will add a few test pictures with this camera. I hope my parents will like it as, finally, will be mostly used to get pictures of family events.

If you read this page while searching for advice when choosing to buy a cheap point-and-shoot camera, I have to say that I regret not buying a newer Finepix (there was an offer for the F40fd at roughly the same price as the Ricoh). More features and probably better image quality overall.